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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have been encouraged this week because of hope. The most imporatant thing is that this hope is not in myself (which would just be discouraging) but in CHRIST. I have felt alone for awhile and very uncertain about things in my life. And as I have been haning on a thread of grace, I am reminded .Who holds the end of that thread!
I was so encouraged a few days ago as I received a letter from a close friend I haven't seen in a long time. She reminded me that its ok to feel the way I do and that God does have a purpose for me. I  had to stop reading this letter so I could cry and finish reading it later. I know these things in my head but to hear from someone else Truth about God was very dear to my heart.
I began a bible study here on the Air Force base. I have to force myself to go and everytime I am blessed. To be surrounded by other women who desire God is always good.
Also someone called me from Allied Buisiness schools to do medial assistanting that is funded by the military. This is encouraging.
Blesses be His name in the good and the bad. Can I say this is true for my life? Oh how I hope so.