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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25

This morning I was like a little kid...woke up at 4:30 to wake Tyler... It's Christmas! I remember as a child waking up all my sisters (who are younger) and waiting for mom & dad to get ready so we could all open presents. We always opened stockings first..then one by one we took turns. There is something special about unwrapping a gift.... I don't gift bags or gift cards... but opening a wrapped is just so much more fun!

So Tyler & I opened our gifts...he went to back to sleep, silly guy, and I called home...Living so far from home makes me appreciate my family more and more. I am more thankful for the small things.

At 9ish I woke up Tyler and we skyped his family..It was nice to see them. Tyler has a smile on his face and a joy in his voice when he talk's with them. This makes me happy.

We didn't do much after that...which I think is ok. We ate food and watched the grinch. I skyped my sister in Washington later. It was only for 15 minutes or so but how nice to see someone instead of just hearing their voice on the phone.

I think it's hard being away from family ...especially at the holiday's. This morning while Tyler was sleeping I had some time to sit and enjoy the silence..the lights were shining on the tree and all was still.
I closed my eye's and said, Thank You Lord I remember why we celebrate.

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