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Friday, January 4, 2013

Joy in the little things

It seems like it has been a long time since I have really laughed. I laughed last year at a retreat with friends, Kaitlyn & Ariele. I truly was enjoying myself. Through out the rest of last year I found it hard to truly laugh and enjoy life.
 I write almost every morning a few things to God in which I am thankful for. It is something I started so that I would not forget all God has given to me. When times are hard its easy to only see the negative things.
What can I say? It's been a hard year, moving to a place unknown...away from all we know. Plus the regular struggles in life, marriage and trying to maintain a healthy time with God. God is truly everything to me and spending time with Him DAILY is vital...and yet at times difficult. There have been times when I love coming to the feet of Jesus and loving Him and soaking in the love He has for me. Then there have been times out of discipline that I come before God and read His word.

Back to Joy....and laughter. This Christmas my husband, Tyler got me a kitty cat. I was shocked...he has a possible allergy and we already have a huge 170lb dog named, Penny. Well this kitten is 5 weeks old as of yesterday. He reminds me of those TY beeny babies! He is so small and cute. I was nervous about having one....time it needs, responsibility etc. However to my suprise I am absolutley taken by this Cat! I love him. I have named him, Baby. I know....cheesy but whatever! :) He looks like Toothless ( the dragon from the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon") . He makes me laugh all the time. I laugh and absolutley love him. I want want is best for I make his food - nasty smelling, yes but it's god for him and he loves it. I woke up twice in the night thinking I heard him meowing for something ( he is still fairly young and needs to be taught things). I can only imagine what having a child would be like! Someday hopefully we can be parents but for now we find joy in our kitten. I truly am thankful for him...and have thanked God every day for "kitty" since he arrived.

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